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Incredible Things That Travel Taught Me


Gavin Manerowski is a great traveler. He has traveled a lot of places all over the world. He believes that traveling can make you learn a lot of things. He has got amazing experiences from Different places. The places that he has traveled include natural beauty. He has learned a lot of things from his traveling experiences.


Gavin Manerowski has described some incredible things that he has learned through traveling –

  1. The future of a country should not be decided by its past

There are many countries all over the world with dark pasts. Some places were involved in wars, terrorism, etc. Not every place can have a peaceful history, but it can have a great bright future. So, it would be absolutely wrong to judge a place by its past. If a person can change through time, then why not a country? So, before visiting a country stop judging it through its past. Look at the present brighter view.

  1. Instead of the media believe in your own experience

Gavin Manerowski says that most of the people in this world get opinion of world from news and movies. It is not good at all because reality can be completely different. In movies, a place can seem scary and dangerous, but in the real world is not scary at all. So, we should trust our own personal experiences.

  1. People all over the world can be different by looks, but they are not so different

When we travel to different places we interact with different people. They can be of different skin colors, languages and religion, but they all are same when it’s about feelings. They all care of families, wants to be successful and happy. So, the basically dreams and desires are not so different, even if we belong to different cultures.

  1. The world is so big to see it all

Gavin Manerowski describes that whenever he visit a country, he wonders that how much there is left to see. This world is just full of amazing places. The more you will see, the more you will realize that it’s not enough. Some places are just amazing that we would love to go there again and again.

  1. You just cannot judge a culture before knowing it

Without understanding or knowing something you can never be able to judge. If you have no idea that what a culture is all about then you cannot pass your comments. So, take some time to understand a culture before judging it first.

  1. Everyone has different traveling style and it can be changed

A real traveler just likes to travel in the way he likes, no matter what other says. Everyone has its own traveling style. As you gain more experience regarding traveling than your style can be changed. It all depends upon the learning. It’s really a great thing, keep growing and keep learning.

  1. New Technology has great effect on the way we travel

Technology has changed our way of traveling now a days. We all are well aware of the role of technology in traveling.  Now, we can book hotels and tickets with few clicks. This is a great way of time saving also. You can get traveling tips before visiting a particular place. A person can stay in touch with family and friends, even if he is far away from them.

  1. We can have lifelong friends while traveling

While traveling, we got an opportunity to meet amazing people all over the world. With technology nowadays we can maintain friendships with those people very easily. Having friends all over the world is really great experience.

  1. It is very natural to be nervous while traveling

Gavin Manerowski accepted that while traveling to an unknown place, everyone gets nervous for some time.  Nervousness is very natural in such situation.

  1. Every destination has something for you – you just need to find it

Gavin Manerowski believes that no matter where you go, a new experience is always waiting for you.  You just be aware of everything while traveling and be ready to have amazing experiences. Explore new places and go through the life time experiences.  It can change a person’s whole life.


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